Swell System

We believe that the challenges of the future will be captured exclusively by investing now in research and innovation, so you have found a path called SWELL SITUS which covers all the research and dissemination of scientific know-how available today. Within this project are the symposiums are cyclically arranged at our premises. Modena headquarters with the participation of architects, designers and installers, heating technicians, in a continuous exchange of experience aimed at completing and dissemination of scientific research in radiation The goal we have set ourselves is to extract from a panel the best thermal and acoustic performance in the smallest possible footprint. Having achieved during these years the highest standards in the field of thermal insulation, our attention now is focusing in the combination of insulating materials to share with those to acoustic action, in the shortest possible thickness We have thus identified synthetic material suitable for coupling with polyurethane materials for the realization of a smooth panel thickness content, for tacker system, capable of ensuring the house a real sound insulation as well as heat in compliance with UNI EN 12664:2002 ; UNI EN ISO 10140-3:2010 and EN ISO 717-2:2007

Target achieved with the certification of SWELL KONFORME 27, a panel of result a pair of aluminum, polyurethane and polyethylene Tested and certified by ISTITUTO GIORDANO: with the following three test reports: THERMAL TEST REPORT N. No. 289136 of 07.12.2011 with validation 290 680 of 24.01.2012 UNI EN 12664:2002

ACOUSTIC TEST REPORT N. No. 289069 of 06.12.2011 with validation 290 679 of 24.01.2012 N. No. 288818 of 29.11.2011 with validation 290,678 OF 24.01.2012 UNI EN ISO 10140-3:2010 UNI EN ISO 717-2:2007