02 Residential Knuckled WC 17

This system also allows for cooling. Suitable for all buildings such as villas, mansions, villas where not only you want warm but also cool (preferring the heating function).
Slab is knuckled, 5 treaded, density 30 Kg. (200 kPa) and is available in 8 different thicknesses, always with anti-diffusion in plastic film.
Properly installed according to the drawing through knuckles (5 treaded)
System suitable for all residential constructions such as buildings, villas and cottages
Outline application is step 10 everywhere.
The tube diameter is 17×2 choice PE Xa or PE-RT (both with evoH oxygen barrier).
Distribution you have to choice between simple plastic manifold and group with reduction temperature fitted with external probe control.
Concrete screed at least 45 mm. (above the knuckle of the slab), must be addict with superplasticizer
LA 45.


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