07 Acoustic Konforme 17

This is absolutely the most performing system in soundproofing line, is also the most expensive, and the installation is not so easy as ACOUSTIC STILL.
SWELL KONFORME 27 meets all standards in acoustics and thermal european legislation.
SWELL KONFORME 27 ha 3 certifications issued by the ISTITUTO GIORDANO.
Is a set of materials perfectly mixed.
a layer of 20 mm for heat insulation of polyurethane foam covered on both sides by aluminum screen and a layer of 7 mm. sound absorbing action of a special needle-punched felt pad of polyethylene chemically cross-linked and activated with plasticizer coupled to polyester fibers.
Properly installed according to the drawing through printed reticulation (5 treaded) on the heat reflecting sheet of aluminum placed over the polyurethane board.
System suitable for all residential constructions such as buildings, villas and cottages also ideal for schools, hospitals and high level offices.
Outline application is tread 10 outside areas and tread 15 inner areas.
The tube diameter is 17×2 choice PE Xa or PE-RT (both with EVOH oxygen barrier).
Distribution you have to choice between simple manifold and group with reduction temperature (fixed point or with external probe control).
Concrete screed at least 45 mm (above the knuckle of the slab), must be addict with superplasticizer
LA 45.



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